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The WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) was held on June 5th which showcased lots of great features and amazing announcements for the users who are currently using the Apple products. The keynote brought lots of cools things on the block for the users such as introduction to the Augmented Reality in its upcoming devices and will feature for the existing users. At WWDC 2017, Apple announced the next major updates for MacOS,tvOS, watchOS, iOS and announced new major updates for its MacBook lineup and iMac too by announcing three variants of iMac.Apple also forayed into music speakers by launching the HomePod which basically works on Siri, Apples Virtual Assistant and would be competing the Amazon’s Echo in this segment.

Let’s have a look at the detailed announcements shown on Keynote.


The MacBook line p got a huge update, the company added faster Broadwell processor in the Macbook Air.

The company gave the iMac a new fresh improvement in its which was going to have faster Kaby Lake processors, faster SSD options, a Fusion Drive standard in the iMac, more maximum RAM in the iMac, and improved GPUs in its device. The most anticipating news about the iMac was that the company was going to launch a new iMac model known as the iMac Pro will start shipping from December 2017 and the price which the company is going to start is at $4999. The new iMac Pro features Xeon processors with up to 18 cores, Radeon Pro Vega GPUs, and support for up to 4TB storage and 128GB ECC RAM. It has four Thunderbolt 3 ports that can drive two 5K displays and two high-performance RAID arrays at once.

iOS 11

Apple at its yearly World Developer Conference revealed the new ios update for its iPhone and the iPad users .the ios 11 saw fresh and interesting improvements such as the new redesign of the Apple app store, more language integration in Siri , you can now edit your live photos and can set a specific angle where you would  like your picture to look like. There was an interesting addition in the ios 11 where now while driving your car you can set up your phone to do not disturb while driving mode and will help you concentrate while driving.The best feature is that you can specify the contacts which you want to notify that you are driving and send an automated message to those people and if you are in the backseat you can always disable it and can get back to work.



The new control centre has now revamped design where you can set voice memos and other features by enabling it by going to its settings and adding those on your control centre. There is an interesting feature you must have missed or Apple hasn’t discussed it, that feature is called as screen recording which would help record your phone screen activity. The notification screen is now quite simple to use.

The Home Kit app now has some more integration where now you can have the ability to control your home audio system and speakers from anywhere in the house, This looks quite Interesting.

Maps now have also got significant improvements in it, by adding Mall floor plan and can now suggest you lanes while driving.The best thing about it is that now you don’t have to look for places for inside the Airport by asking people but now that’s gone, the new improvements help you find the places inside the airport such as security gates and restaurants , these features are limited to few countries only.


The iPads have got quite interesting features in the new iOS 11 such as the introduction to VR in its performance  where you can do lots of cool stuff of Virtual Reality in your  pads

Apple has now finally brought the file manager to read now where you can manage your files and documents in your iPad’s ios.


The iPads have got the dock which is inspired from the MacBooks and helps you do your work, earlier it was only accessible from the home screen but now it can be pulled up by any app on your iPad. This is mostly be helpful for doing multitasking work as it makes multitasking seamlessly easy to do now.

App switcher

The new app switcher in the iPad helps you switch multiple apps with much ease and simplicity and you can easily drag and drop apps, this is is a new feature which is better.

In- line Drawing

The inline drawing helps you by adding simple drawings inside your mail and notes app, this makes your work productivity much faster and efficient, this is specifically optimized for the Apple Pencil where you can use it.

Home Pod

The Home Pod is the Apple’s First edition into the Home speaker segment, this new home pod supports Siri integration. You can read the specification from the photo below

The Home-Pod only work on the commands of the site once you say Hey Siri! , it gets activated and can do anything for you from weather, News, Messages, Reminders, Podcasts, Alarms ,Stocks,Sports ,Home etc. The home-pod can be seen as a competitor to Amazon Echo.

Mac OS High Sierra

Apple just released the new update for the Macbooks and iMacs which  is known as Mac OS High Sierra which comes with great improvements and better performances in the Mac and iMacs. the Mac OS is an high end update to its predecessors  the Mac OS Sierra. There is a new modern file manager APFS (Apple File System)  which gives better safety and optimization features to the users.

The Mac OS comes with HEVC ( High Efficiency Video Encoding aka H.265) comes with better detail quality and color much better than the compression of H.264 .The HEVC usually comes as a software but now its going to be included in the Hardware Acceleration.

Apple also introduced Metal 2 the next generation of Apple Meta Graphics .Metal 2 provides near-direct access to the graphics processing unit (GPU), enabling you to maximize the graphics and compute potential of your apps on iOS, MacOS, and tvOS. Building upon an efficient low-overhead architecture with pre compiled shaders, fine-grained resource control, and multi-threading support, Metal 2 further boosts performance by enabling the GPU to take more control of the rendering pipeline. Moving beyond just graphics, Metal 2 provides deep Machine Learning, external GPU and Brings in VR Content on the platter for the users to have a good user experience.

The MacOS High Sierra will be out for public in Fall while for the developers is released

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