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WhatsApp Now supports All File System (AFS) for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

The Facebook acquired WhatsApp has been developing lots of new Improvements and Features in the recent days for its users and have come up with lots of features which are now currently available on the Mobile platforms. Earlier WhatsApp was just for sharing photos, videos and Word Docs its platform where before the users had to go to extent of uploading it to the cloud then accessing it from the cloud folder and then sharing it, This was a troublesome process for the users but now WhatsApp is developing an all-new file system (including archives) where now the users can share the APK, MP3 and other formats to WhatsApp system with much ease on the Android, iOS and Windows Phone with select users.

Source: Twitter @ CarlaxyS5

After the new update users can send and receive PDFs, Spreadsheets, PowerPoint Presentation, Word Documents and Other Files easily. The feature is currently in Beta and would be rolling out soon to everyone. We don’t know when the update is going to come to all the devices till then we have to wait. The maximum file size that the user can send is 100 MB on Android and is limited to 128 MB on iOS and while it is 64GB on WhatsApp Web.

Facebook has recently announced that it will be ending its support to the older version on Android by 2020 as the users using Android version 2.3 or older are very less in numbers.

Stay Tuned for more information regarding WhatsApp features and announcements.

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